Adventures in Time & History

Jonathan has always been captivated by history, particularly the Tudor period, and has also been a lifelong fan of action-adventure novels. So when he decided to write a novel himself, it had to be the kind of adventure he loves to read; one with plenty of action, danger and suspense! And, of course, it had to be set in Tudor England, with a time-travelling heroine finding herself thrown into the deep-end of this fascinating historical era.

The result was The Witchfinder’s Well, published in 2015. Jonathan decided to end it on a cliffhanger, just to make sure there would be a sequel. This was published in 2019, as The Alchemist’s Arms. Never one to let a good idea go, Jonathan gave this second book a cliffhanger ending as well – thus paving the way for the third book in the trilogy, The Sovereign’s Secret, which was published in August 2022.

Justine Parker, the heroine of The Witchfinder’s Well, is also an avid reader of Tudor action-adventure; particularly a fictional series of books featuring a Tudor adventuress called Mary Fox. So it seemed a good idea for Jonathan to write these books in reality! The result is The Broken Sword – the first Mary Fox adventure. And this one ends on – you’ve guessed it – a cliffhanger, with more books about Mary’s adventures also planned.

Jonathan’s other works include a book of short stories called Once Upon an Ending, a one-act play called Private Eyes as well book and lyrics for three Musicals – Spirit of History which premiered in Windsor, Hot, Mean & Green, which premiered at the Rhoda McGaw Theatre in Woking, and A Fine Time for Wine, which also premiered in Windsor.

Jonathan is father to two adult sons and lives in Exeter. When not writing he is a regular presenter on Phonic FM radio, having previously hosted a weekly show on Marlow FM for over 13 years.