JP PicJonathan Posner was born in London in 1964. Not long after he was sent to a boarding school in Suffolk, as he’d heard there were schools in the country where you could climb trees and play cricket – and he wanted a slice of that action. A public school in Berkshire followed, then university in Exeter, where he wrote two plays. One of these, Private Eyes, was performed to fellow students. The other was – let’s be kind – ‘a learning exercise’ – and has rightly been gathering dust on a shelf for these last 30 years. Jonathan fully intends to rescue it. One day.

He also wrote a Musical libretto which was another ‘learning exercise’ – so he later wrote a completely new libretto to his collaborator’s excellent score. This became Spirit of History – which in turn has been upcycled as the novel The Witchfinder’s Well. Jonathan has never been one to let a good idea go to waste.

He has also written two other Musical libretti – Hot, Mean & Green, which premiered in Woking at the Rhoda McGaw Theatre in 1999, and A Fine Time for Wine, which premiered in Windsor in 2001.

Jonathan has spent most of his working life in marketing and advertising, and in 2008 he founded the online ticket service for amateur and schools drama called Positickets. For six years he ran a marketing agency – which meant he has built up a prodigious knowledge across a number of sectors.

2015-04-11 23.33.02Jonathan is married with two adult sons and lives in Berkshire. When not writing, he skis, runs, plays squash and rows on the Thames, and is a regular presenter on Marlow FM radio.