Mary Fox and the Broken Sword

Introducing Mary Fox – an all-action heroine, in a “scary, clever and thrilling” new adventure.

Can Mary end the curse of the Broken Sword before being captured by her arch enemy, the evil Sir Reginald de Courtney? She may be brave, resourceful, determined – and very handy in a swordfight – but will it be enough to win her freedom?

Readers of The Witchfinder’s Well will recognise the Mary Fox series of adventure stories; it was these books that inspired Justine’s love for the Tudor period – so much so, that she even took the name ‘Mary Fox’ on arrival in 1565. 

So when I was considering a new project, I decided to make this fictional book series real. I already had the character and the titles – so all I had to do now was write them!

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Read the opening chapter here.

Mary Fox and the Broken Sword – Chapter One extract

I had to act quickly, or the well-dressed man lying on his back would be skewered with the sword. Another man with the look of a brigand was standing over him, weapon poised, ready to plunge it into the helpless fellow’s chest. The would-be victim saw me and his pleading eyes met mine across the […]