Mary Fox and the Broken Sword



My current work-in-progress is a Tudor-era THE BS2adventure for Young Adults – featuring a teenage heroine called Mary Fox. 

Readers of The Witchfinder’s Well will recognise the Mary Fox series of adventure stories; it was these books that inspired Justine’s love for the Tudor period – so much so, that she even took the name ‘Mary Fox’ on arrival in 1565. 

So when I was considering a new project, I decided to make this fictional book series real. I already had the character and the titles – so all I had to do now was write them!

In the first of these, Mary Fox has to return the Broken Sword back to its rightful home in order to lift a centuries-old curse. But can she do this before her stepfather catches up with her, and forces her to marry the vile Sir Reginald de Courtney?

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