The Witchfinder’s Well


The Witchfinder's Well

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Tudor England – a dangerous world where a few wrong words can get you accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake.

So when a freak electrical storm sends modern-day girl Justine Parker time-travelling back to 1565, she quickly becomes the target of sinister witchfinder Matthew Hopkirk.

Justine must use all her cunning and ingenuity to keep one step ahead of Hopkirk. But not only must she save herself, she also has to save her new love, Sir William de Beauvais, from the early death she knows history has decreed for him.

The Witchfinder’s Well is a novel that gives a refreshing and new take on Tudor history, and is a must for fans of Philippa Gregory, C.J. Sansom and Judith Arnopp.

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sohThe Witchfinder’s Well started life as a Musical called Spirit of History.

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