Stuck at Geneva Airport – Happy Days!

Am I the only person who relished the thought of being stuck at Geneva Airport for 6 hours?
A few months ago I went skiing for a few days with friends. We had different flights home out of Geneva on the last day – theirs at 11am, mine at 5pm.
No, seriously – yippee! I was delighted – it meant I would have 6 hours uninterupted time to work on my novel.
I may have moved around a bit – trying out cafes at different parts of the airport – but essentially I had my laptop and my novel, so I was a happy bun.
My heroine had adventures while I had a cappucino or two.
My baddie plotted and menaced while I got outside a particularly fine Swiss baguette sandwichy thingy.
My leading man got his end away over an Americano coffee.
Altogether, a very productive day.