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Tudor Fiction

Jonathan Posner writes historical fiction books set in Tudor times. Like much of the best Tudor historical fiction, his stories feature plenty of action and adventure, with strong-willed and feisty heroines, plus some time-travel and romantic intrigue!

Amazon 5 star reviews

Jonathan’s The Witchfinder’s Well trilogy has over 250 4/5-star ratings on Amazon, and some glowing reader reviews for these page-turning stories of the Tudors.

Tudor England – a dangerous world where a few wrong words can get you accused of witchcraft.
And that’s just the start…

When a girl in 2015 falls through a time-travelling worm-hole she finds herself in 1565. Accused of being a witch, she has to use her wits, her cunning and her ingenuity to survive. The trilogy then takes her – and readers of all ages – into a dark world of assassins, subterfuge and plots, involving Queen Elizabeth, Francis Walsingham and Mary Queen of Scots.

Book 1 – The Witchfinder’s Well

Book 2 – The Alchemist’s Arms

Book 3 – The Sovereign’s Secret

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A gripping tale of danger and deception that goes right to the top of Henry VIII’s court!

Mary Fox Rides Again! If you loved the first book, you will be thrilled with this one! Mary Fox shines in this rollicking Tudor adventure, sometimes besting the villains but not always. I loved how the author inserted Mary into the lives of Bessie Blount/Lady Kyme, Henry Fitzroy, and even Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.”

“The Tudor Prince will have you rooting for the swash-buckling Mary from page one.”

“I adored the first book but this one surpasses it! It’s Mary Fox with a Tudor twist.”

“The third Mary Fox book is coming this Fall, and all I can say is that Jonathan Posner can’t write them fast enough for me!”

What if you bear an uncanny resemblance to a missing prince?

1533. Mary Fox agrees to stand in for young Henry Fitzroy, the illegitimate son of Henry VIII. But then she uncovers a treacherous plot behind the prince’s disappearance; one that goes right to the very top of the Tudor Court.

It’s a plot to change the royal line of succession, and will almost certainly make England descend into another bloody civil war.

As Mary is pulled deeper and deeper into the deception, she realises she has to seize control and turn the tables on the plot’s mysterious ringleader. But there’s a twist; the man ordered to kidnap the prince is none other than Jacob Cruddon, Mary’s bitterest enemy.

Can Mary defeat Cruddon and get out alive, or will he get his own revenge by killing her first?

The Tudor Prince is Mary Fox’s most dangerous adventure yet.

An action adventure set in Tudor England!

“…it kept me on the edge of my seat and I just wanted to keep reading. Couldn’t put it down!”

“Most enjoyable Tudor historical fiction.”

“This was a fun read, especially in following the escapades of a 16th century woman who learns espionage…”

What if you uncovered a traitorous rebellion – but nobody believed you?

1535. Tudor teens Ophelia Williams and Robert Wychwoode make a great crime-busting team. They’ve cracked open a Cornish rebellion against Henry VIII.

But when it comes to stopping it – then they’re on their own.

There’s no doubting their bravery. Or their relentless determination. Or even their cunning and ingenuity.

But will it be enough?

Because the price of failure is death.

This fast-paced, action packed, historical thriller introduces Robert Wychwoode, the lawyer and spy-master of The Witchfinder’s Well trilogy. It is perfect for fans of C J Sansom books, S J Parris, S W Perry and Andrew Taylor.

You only discover what dangers you can overcome when you’re tested to the limit…

When Mary Fox is ordered to marry a sadistic older man, she decides instead to strike out on her own. As a woman in a man’s world, no-one expects her to survive, but Mary is determined to prove them wrong.

Challenged to return the Broken Sword talisman and so break a centuries-old curse, she soon learns how to scheme, fight and outwit those who would drag her back to a life of servitude.

And in doing so, she becomes more than a match for any man.

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