Tudor Fiction

Jonathan Posner writes historical fiction books set in Tudor times. Like much of the best Tudor historical fiction, his stories feature plenty of action and adventure, with strong-willed and feisty heroines, plus some time-travel and romantic intrigue!

Amazon 5 star reviews

Jonathan’s The Witchfinder’s Well trilogy has over 100 5-star ratings on Amazon, and some glowing reader reviews for these page-turning stories of the Tudors.

Tudor England – a dangerous world where a few wrong words can get you accused of witchcraft.
And that’s just the start…

When a girl in 2015 falls through a time-travelling worm-hole she finds herself in 1565. Accused of being a witch, she has to use her wits, her cunning and her ingenuity to survive. The trilogy then takes her –and readers of all ages –into a dark world of assassins, subterfuge and plots, involving Queen Elizabeth, Francis Walsingham and Mary Queen of Scots.

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Windsor Christmas Tales

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A great time at the Oxfam Bookshop, Exeter

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You only discover what dangers you can overcome when you’re tested to the limit…

When Mary Fox is ordered to marry a sadistic older man, she decides instead to strike out on her own. As a woman in a man’s world, no-one expects her to survive, but Mary is determined to prove them wrong.

Challenged to return the Broken Sword talisman and so break a centuries-old curse, she soon learns how to scheme, fight and outwit those who would drag her back to a life of servitude.

And in doing so, she becomes more than a match for any man.

Seven engaging short stories, full of life, love and adventure

Find out what happens when hard-bitten 1930’s New York detective Roscoe Kemp takes on the mysterious Hershenheimsbecker case in ‘Private Eyes’, and how Granny Vera and Lloyd-George the cat celebrate the new Millennium together.

When Nurse Natalia Davies meets the handsome new doctor in ‘One Summer’, the course of true love does not go smoothly, and when Mr Alfred meets the gorgeous Zusia in ‘A Windsor Tail’, he soon finds his comfortable world turned upside down.