Apr 18, 2022

Easter weekend 2022 saw the Tudor Legacies volunteers stepping back into the Wars of the Roses when they appeared at the Richard III Centre in Leicester.

Visitors to the Centre were able to meet the Kings and Queens of the Wars of the Roses, including Elizabeth Woodville (Queen to Edward VI), Henry VI, Henry VII, Elizabeth of York (Queen to Henry VII), Margaret of Anjou (Queen to Henry VI), and of course, King Richard III himself.

But it was not only visitors to the Centre who were able to grow their knowledge of the Wars of the Roses by talking to the royalty of the period, it was also the people and tourists in Leicester itself. That’s because the Kings and Queens spent time walking through the Leicester Old Town, talking to people in the sunshine outside bars and restaurants and in the streets, and answering their questions on the events that led to the death of Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth, and the beginning of the Tudor era under Henry VII.

For more on the Richard III Centre, see their Facebook page. More on Tudor Legacies can also be found here.