The Lawyer’s Legacy

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What if you uncovered a traitorous rebellion – but nobody believed you?

1535. Tudor teens Ophelia Williams and Robert Wychwoode make a great crime-busting team. They’ve cracked open a Cornish rebellion against Henry VIII.

But when it comes to stopping it – then they’re on their own.

There’s no doubting their bravery. Or their relentless determination. Or even their cunning and ingenuity.

But will it be enough?

Because the price of failure is death.

This fast-paced, action packed, historical thriller introduces Robert Wychwoode, the lawyer and spy-master of The Witchfinder’s Well trilogy. It is perfect for fans of C J Sansom books, S J Parris, S W Perry and Andrew Taylor.

“…it kept me on the edge of my seat and I just wanted to keep reading. Couldn’t put it down!”

“Most enjoyable Tudor historical fiction.”

“This was a fun read, especially in following the escapades of a 16th century woman who learns espionage…”

Order your copy on Amazon here (USA) or here (UK and rest of the world)