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What is it about Tudor Royalty…?

When I look through the posts in the Tudor Facebook groups, as well as the novels covering the period, I am amazed how much of the content is about the royalty and the court. Just as today, the likelihood that we would have been titled nobles or even royals are extremely small, yet we are endlessly fascinated with the intrigue of the court and the behaviour of kings and queens.

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Bringing Elizabeth I to life

Imagine you’ve fallen back 450 years through time. You’re presented to the famous figure in the lavish gold gown and red wig. You bow low, then look up into those famous dark eyes. What would you see? An imperious, aloof, demanding woman? Or perhaps you would catch her in a softer mood; curious, intelligent and challenging? Either way, it would be fascinating to see if the real woman is ever revealed from behind the queenly mask.

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