The Tudor Prince

The second adventure for Mary Fox, a Tudor adventuress who refuses to be bound by convention, nor be beholden to any man.



A gripping tale of danger and deception that goes right to the top of Henry VIII’s court 

What if you bear an uncanny resemblance to a missing prince?

1533. Mary Fox agrees to stand in for young Henry Fitzroy, the illegitimate son of Henry VIII. But then she uncovers a treacherous plot behind the prince’s disappearance; one that goes right to the very top of the Tudor Court.

It’s a plot to change the royal line of succession, and will almost certainly make England descend into another bloody civil war.

As Mary is pulled deeper and deeper into the deception, she realises she has to seize control and turn the tables on the plot’s mysterious ringleader. But there’s a twist; the man ordered to kidnap the prince is none other than Jacob Cruddon, Mary’s bitterest enemy.

Can Mary defeat Cruddon and get out alive, or will he get his own revenge by killing her first?

The Tudor Prince is Mary Fox’s most dangerous adventure yet.

Readers have said:

“The Tudor Prince will have you rooting for the swash-buckling Mary from page one.”

“I adored the first book but this one surpasses it! It’s Mary Fox with a Tudor twist.”