Oct 24, 2022

What they wear should be their own choice.

If you have read any of my weekly articles you’ll know they are usually written with my tongue fairly firmly in my cheek – I like to amuse as much as challenge. But I am so incensed by the news from Iran, that this week’s article is totally serious. It has been prompted by the death of Mahsa Amini – a 22 year-old taken into custody for wearing her hijab incorrectly (I understand it didn’t cover her hair ‘properly’). I have been impressed by the incredibly brave women (and men) who, as a result of Mahsa’s death, are daring to protest against the brutal and repressive regime in Iran.

It is, in my humble opinion, a regime that has no place in the modern world; no legitimacy to peddle a disgusting brand of misogynist medieval theocracy that can only be maintained through brutal repression. It demonstrates to me how absolutely wrong it is to allow a theocracy (of any religion), and particularly a regime that is so out of step with the modern world, to have power over its population. [more]