Nov 14, 2022

Is the USA lurching to a Bible-bashing right?

As a Brit, I have been observing the current state of American politics, and particularly the mid-term elections, with open-mouthed amazement. I mean, what on earth is happening on the other side of the pond?

Forgive me, but I’m now going to go into full-on ‘rant’ mode…

As I understand it, right-wing MAGA Republicans – people who in any sane modern society ought to be dismissed as irrelevant religious nut-jobs – are actually getting elected. Elected! In 2022!

Let me just get my head round that. People actually go into the ballot booth, look at the name of some christo-fascist wacko, and say, ‘Yup, that’s the person I want to represent me.’ Believe me, as a Brit, I find that quite incredible. (What’s that? 81,326 people voted for Liz Truss as Tory leader? Yeah, OK. Fair point).

But for goodness’ sake, the people the Americans are voting for appear to believe some deeply weird shit. Such as that the superstitious stories made up thousands of years ago by ignorant bronze-age goat herders are the literal truth! And I repeat, this is in 2022 – when empirically verifiable scientific research has clearly refuted every part of such anachronistic mythologies. Even Liz didn’t put that level of stupidity on her manifesto. [more]