Dec 22, 2023

The fourth edition of The Thursday Book Club was on 21st December 2023 at 2pm on Phonic FM. The panel were Su Bristow, Jason Mann and Jonathan Posner. Click the names to find out more about their works, and use the audio bar below to listen to the full show.


The books we reviewed were:

We also had an interview with Helen Chaloner of Literature Works, the literary charity based in the South West. The 7th February 2024 event we discussed was called: Quay Words presents Fiona Williams in conversation with Davina Quinlivan: The House of Broken Bricks. You can find out more here.

Helen’s favourite books / recommendations were:

There was also a discussion on: Pen Names – a good or bad thing?

The next show will be on 21st December at 2pm UK time.