Sep 21, 2023

The first broadcast of The Thursday Book Club was on 21st September 2023 at 2pm on Phonic FM. The panel were Cathie Hartigan, Angela Wooldridge and Jonathan Posner. Click the names to find out more about their works, and use the audio bar below to listen to the full show.

The books reviewed were The Curious Kidnapping of Nora W by Cate Green, proposed by Cathie; Swordheart by T Kingfisher, proposed by Angela; and Betrayal of Trust by C. V. Lee, proposed by Jonathan.

There was also a discussion on the difference between plotters and pantsers (pantsers are writers who make it up as they go along. Sort of ‘by the seat of their pants’.) Jonathan was definitely a pantser, and Angela a ‘plantser’ – somewhere in between. Cathie was also somewhere in between – and said she is a very strict editor of her own work.

The next show will be on 19th October at 2pm UK time.