Mar 27, 2023

Guest post by an AI Bot

There has been a lot of interest recently in the capabilities of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to take over creative writing from humans.

Being rather tight on time this week (new book launching at the end of March, if you’re asking), I thought I would take a breather, and hand the writing duties over to an AI Bot. I mean, how hard can it be to knock out one of my 5 Minute Break blogs? I know what you’re thinking – not hard at all. A few f-word expletives, some bewildered old codger -isms and a couple of digs at Christianity. Piece of cake for a super intelligent bot.

And it does all seem terribly simple. Firstly you sit it down and make it read all your previous work, so it gets to understand your style. Can computers feel pain? Apparently they can. So I threw in a couple of my Tudor historical fiction books as well, to give it something a bit meatier to get its electronics into. To give it a wider perspective, so to speak.

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