Mar 09, 2023

Take this test to find out.

A common moral framework is essential for a functioning society; without it we would descend into anarchy. If you don’t believe me, try reading The Lord of the Flies, and you’ll see where I’m coming from.

Back in the day, the moral framework was built around the dominant religion, and of course, in some countries it still is. But theological and political changes have meant that many societies, particularly western democracies, have evolved to a more humanist framework, structured around social democratic and political norms. And where religion once provided the glue that held the moral framework together (i.e. with the promise of heaven and the threat of hell), now we have police, courts and prisons in case we step out of line.

But do you believe that only the Christian bible can be the final arbiter of what is good or bad? How we should behave to eachother? Or perhaps you hold to a higher level of humanist morality based on common humanity and empathy?

To help you decide, I thought I would flex my creative muscles and put together a short questionnaire. Answer each question A or B, and then see at the end which way your moral compass is pointing.

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