Hot, Mean and Green

Book and Lyrics – Jonathan Posner
Score – Mary McAdam

Mr Toad with a mobile phone and a sportscar?

Whatever next?!

A Musical adaptation of ‘The Wind in the Willows’ by Kenneth Grahame, set bang up to date in the modern-day.

The story loosely follows the original but it is set very much in the present.

The characters have changed a bit, though…

  • Toad has a mobile phone and a sportscar.
  • Badger is not so much the father figure as the ‘Godfather’ figure.
  • She’s sassy, she’s sexy – she’s Ratty!
  • Mole is very concerned about things in general – and decor in particular.

The songs are upbeat, memorable and highly original. From the moving ‘It’s a home’ to the heavy beat of both ‘Hot, Mean & Green’ and ‘To the Limit’; from the romantic ‘Sunlight’s Hit Between My Eyes’ to the humorous ‘Mr.Rosetti’; from the soulful ‘All my days’ to the sexy ‘The Modern Girl’ – there’s music for everyone to enjoy.