Spirit Of History

England, 1565.

All William de Beauvais wanted to do was to drink, hunt, fight and make love.

He didn’t reckon on meeting Justine Parker.

Justine was different.

Justine came from the the modern day.

She knew what would happen to him.

She knew when.

But if she told him, the consequences could be terrifying.

And that was just the start of it.

Spirit of History is an original book musical which tells the tale of a fiesty modern-day girl who travels back in time to Tudor England. There she encounters witch-finders, a swash-buckling squire, sword-fights, as well as comedy and romance.

The score ranges from romantic ballads to big chorus numbers, with memorable melodies and a modern style.

There are some great roles for actors of all ages, although with the historical content the show is ideal for secondary schools to perform.