Mar 27, 2023

The Lawyer’s Legacy launches on 31st March 2023


My new action adventure novel launches on 31st March 2023.

The Lawyer’s Legacy tells the origin story of Robert Wychwoode, the character who appears in all three books of The Witchfinder’s Well trilogy.

I really enjoyed writing this book – getting into the head of young Robert Wychwoode, and seeing how he lays the foundation of his future career as a lawyer and spymaster – and becomes the consummate planner of my later books.

I also enjoyed writing his girlfriend – a headstrong, opinionated and independent young girl who is the perfect foil for Robert. She’s prepared to lead him on when it suits her purpose, while knowing if it all becomes too dangerous, he will always have her back. As ever, I like to create female characters who act more like modern girls than Tudor conformists – always refusing to accept the patriarchal norms and doing what they know is right instead!

I can see more books about Robert as a youngster – I still have thirty years of his life to fill before we meet him in The Witchfinder’s Well!

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